Escape Room VR v3.3


Escape Room VR v3.3
Requirements: Gear VR + Supported Device
Overview: Three rooms are now available! You can now try your mental strength in three different predicaments. In the beginning you have “Crazy Kidnapper” where you woke up in a closed room with no memories of how you got there. Then “Dirty Money” challenged your quick thinking in order to avoid getting caught by the police. 


And now we present: “Knowledge and Order”! 

We all remember those special parties after which you wake up with only a couple questions in your mind. Where am I? How did I get here? This ultimate challenge adds one more to the collection… How do I get out?

In order to pass your final fraternity test, you need to solve all the riddles and push your poor hangover mind to the limits. Good luck!

Install instructions
With your computer download the apk
Head to download the application to your Phone and get your device ID
Using your computer go to and enter the device ID from your phone and download the osig file
Download the Sideload VR injector to sign the apk with your device ID by downloading the archive from
Extract the archive to a convenient location
Move the *.apk and the osig file to the the same location
Open a command prompt and browse to the folder you have all the files. 
run.bat game.apk oculussig_xxxxxxx
This will create a file called signed_game.apk
Move that file to your phone and install it.

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Download Instructions: Tnx to co5mo