FitIgniter – Fitness Database v2.3


FitIgniter – Fitness Database v2.3
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: The ultimate application for exercises, supplements, and nutrition.



Meet FitIgniter, the ultimate exercise, supplement and nutrition database. 

We provide details on upon hundreds of supplements and exercises. View step by step guides on how to correctly perform exercises safely and be able to watch videos on how to correct your form. Look at our extensive database of supplements ranging from protein powders to BCAAs! We provide nutritional information on hundreds of items to that you can find the one that is best for you!


– Filter through hundreds of exercises to find the best one for you
– Learn how to perform an exercise correctly with our step by step guides
– Watch videos on exercises
– View indepth information on exercises to know which muscle is being hit
– View nutritional information on hundreds of fitness supplements
– Find out the latest prices on supplements from Amazon
– Filter through hundreds of supplement products to find the best one for you
– View and create reviews on products
– Favorite exercises and supplements for easy access to them. 
– Instant updates to the application means that minor bugs and fixes can be patched without the need of having to update the application


– Find out how to correctly perform an exercise with your step by step guide!
– Watch a video so you can visualize how the exercise is performed.
– Learn which exercises use which muscles
– Filter the exercise database to your liking. Need a exercise that hits both your biceps and your triceps? FitIgniter lets you find that exercise!


– Navigate throughout out database to find the right supplement for you
– Listing of hundreds of different supplements. From protein powder to BCAAs
– Find out nutritional information
– Read product reviews that have been left by other users
– Filter supplements to your liking
Do you wish to find a supplement that is low in carbohydrates but high in calories? or perhaps low in calories and high in protein? FitIgniter makes this possible with its filter options! You can navigate through our extensive database to find the supplement that is right for you!

Who is this app for?

– People who want to correctly perform exercises while minimizing the risk of injury
– People who want to watch videos on how to perform exercises with correct form
– People who want to find the best supplement possible
– To find the right supplement thats best for them
– To find the latest prices from Amazon on supplements
– Bodybuilders, Strongmen, Nutritionists, People who want to stay fit and healthy

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