FreshUi Light Substratum Theme v1.6 [Patched]


FreshUi Light Substratum Theme v1.6 [Patched]
Requirements: 7.0 & up + Substratum Theme Engine + Root
Overview: Freshui is a Light theme with fully refreshed ui . It can be installed and applied on any rom with substratum theme engine support.


You should be using a Custom Nougat ROM (7.1.X only) that has full support for OMS for this theme to work. THIS WILL NOT WORK ON A STOCK ROM!!! You must also be fully rooted or have a ROM with rootless commits and have the Substratum App.


1. Download & install the theme.
2. Open Substratum App.
3. When Substratum is opened give it full root permissions and also allow system modifications.
4. Click on the theme and wait for it to create the resource caches then click on the theme again.
5. Inside theme check the switch; Select to toggle all overlays’. Alternatively you can click on the overlays that you would like to install (keep in mind that some apps, mainly Android system, have different variants that you can choose).
6. Click the floating action button (FAB) down the bottom and select Build & Enable.
7. Once that finishes compiling/installing with no errors, wait until SystemUI restarts.
8. Enjoy your new UI .

Most items in the list below should be themed on devices ranging from xhdpi – xxxhdpi however some items may not be, depending on the ROM you are using. Please take a screenshot of any items that aren’t themed and either send me an email or post it on google plus.

Substratum – Development Community 
Telegram Theme Testers and Friends


* Licence Check fix *
Added 4 Settings Designs
Added 2 Package Installer Designs
Themes Checkbox , Switches and FW changes.
Fixed FC in RR ROM
Added Custom LockScreen for RR rom
other minor bugg fixes

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