Land's End v1.2.2.1


Land’s End v1.2.2.1
Requirements: Gear VR + Supported Device
Overview: Land’s End is a new adventure from the creators of Monument Valley. Explore spectacular landscapes and use the power of your mind to awaken a lost civilization. Unlock the mysteries of Land’s End, specially created for Gear VR.


Land’s End is a hands-free experience – no controller needed!

“If you could live in a sunset, this may be what it feels like” – WIRED

“Moments of wonder” – The Verge

“A relaxing, almost purifying experience” – Engadget

“Stunning” – CNET

Install instructions
With your computer download the apk
Head to download the application to your Phone and get your device ID
Using your computer go to and enter the device ID from your phone and download the osig file
Download the Sideload VR injector to sign the apk with your device ID by downloading the archive from
Extract the archive to a convenient location
Move the *.apk and the osig file to the the same location
Open a command prompt and browse to the folder you have all the files. 
run.bat game.apk oculussig_xxxxxxx
This will create a file called signed_game.apk
Move that file to your phone and install it.

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