Talking Clock v1.2.0 (Paid)


Talking Clock v1.2.0 (Paid)
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Talking Clock runs in the background and announces the time to you at intervals you choose.


Ever had your hands full washing up or cleaning? Wanted to know the time but not had a clock in sight?
Talking Clock will keep you informed of the time when you can’t easily check your phone.

Talking Clock has the following features:
– Uses Android’s built in text to speech system to deliver a clear announcement of the time.
– Customisable announcement intervals.
– Customisable announcement speeds.
– Customisable announcement text.
– Runs in the background to allow your device to be doing something else at the same time.
Keep track of the app using the notification icon.
– Respects other audio apps by allow them to pause during the time announcement and then resume straight after.
– Doesn’t try to announce the time whilst you are in a call.

Talking Clock is currently only available in English.


• Added setting to control speed that the time is announced.
• Updated to material design look and feel.
• Now requires Google Text to Speech engine as there were problems and differences when using the Samsung Text to Speech engine.
• Fixed an issue where the app was unable to tell the time at correct intervals on Kit Kat and Marshmallow.

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