Teon – No pay-to-win ARPG v1.1.176088


Teon – No pay-to-win ARPG v1.1.176088
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Defend Teon with my sword,
Protect Humans with my blood,
Guard Edin with my life.
Forth, to the eternal paradise!


Teon, God of Creation, created Edin and all beings. The powerful Giants enslaved the other races, but Humans fought back. King Arthur, leader of knights, finally became the master of Edin. With Edin united, the Tower of Babel was built in attempt to reach Heaven. Enraged, Teon imprisoned King Arthur. Chaos ensued, and Humans dropped like flies. 
Finally, the brutal King Attila took over the throne and brought terror over the world. The Undead rose, and Edin was shrouded in darkness. 
Still, the light of justice never faded. Knights, Mages, and Elves fight alongside King Arthur’s descendants to revolt against the anarchy of King Attila. Here begins the fight of Kings and Knights!

[Game System]
# Classes
Classes include Knights, Mages, Elves, and King Arthur’s descendants—Royals.
Tons of ways to train your hero for unique results!
Choose your favorite Class skills and Common skills!

# Gear System
Gain limitless power with over 500 classic gear!

# Trading System
A free, fair and low-cost face-to-face trading system.

# Real World
Features of our lovingly crafted Teon :
1. Realistic graphics from animations to pixel textures
2. Tons of environment settings (flat-lands, mountains, swamps, underground, islands, seas, snow, lava)
3. Heaps of monster settings (race, group, peaceful, hostile, allies, lawful, chaotic)
4. Dynamic day-and-Night System (The Undead is stronger at night!)
5. Green vision for Elves based on the Day-and-Night System (can be turned off in Settings)
6. Illuminating items for night use
7. Realistic NPCs that can be attacked and killed (even the traders!)
8. Equipping your armors in a realistic order
9. Being encumbered causes problems
10. Realistic walking that adapts to character speed and environment

# Fair Play
No in-game gear purchases. Training is the only way to become stronger.

# PvP Whenever You Want
Go in PvP mode whenever you want and fight whoever you want!

#Transform System
The transform system allows you to get a stronger, faster body. Higher level Transform Scrolls enable more transformations. Cool effects come with different weapons! Remember to keep track of the time limit!
More will be added in future updates!

[Monthly Subscription]
#Teon requires a monthly subscription. The world map is divided into Member Zones and Non-Member Zones. Membership requires an Oath that costs USD 10/month and is auto-renewed each month. Talk to “Servant of Teon [Oath]” on the left of the warehouse in Promise Island to buy the Oath.

# Non-Member Zones: Edin Sky Island, Promise Island, Promise Island Dungeon F1 and F2.
# Member Zones: Old Escape Tunnel, Maros, Elven Garden, Orc Town, Orcish Guild, and future new maps.

[Important Information]
# The game pack unzips for approx. 2min when first launched. Progress can be seen at the bottom left corner.
# Rooted devices can’t load Teon.

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