Training Dog Whistle v1.1


Training Dog Whistle v1.1
Requirements: 4.1 and up 
Overview: Training Dog whistle mimic the standard dog whistle to produce high frequency sounds (ultrasonic). It is best used for dog training to catch the attention of your pet.
You can also use it as dog repellent and anti dogs barking tool.
With this dog whistle you can recall dog from a distance, teach your puppy to learn new tricks, or make him stop barking.


Key Features:
– Frequency range from 0Hz to 12800Hz
– 3 preset whistle modes
– Adjustable dog whistle frequency
– Customize background
– User friendly interface
Useful for:
– stop dogs from barking
– use to recall dog
– adjust dog behavior
– also could be used as: dog trainer, cat repellent, mosquito whistle, signal generator
Dog whistle, also known as silent dog whistle or Galton’s whistle, emits sound in the ultrasonic range which people can’t hear but animals can, including dogs and cats, and is often used in their training.
To human ears, a dog whistle makes only a quiet hissing sound. The advantage of the dog whistle is that it doesn’t produce a loud irritating noise for human that a normal whistle would produce, so it can be used to train or command animals without disturbing nearby people.

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