Upload Edit Photos & Documents v2.0


Upload Edit Photos & Documents v2.0
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: Welcome To UploadEdit.com’s Mobile Application !
By using this app you will be able to upload your images or documents onto the Internet freely and easily. And you will be able to do various operations on your images and docs.


For using this app you need an internet connection. Once you connect to the internet you can do the following operations with this app:

* Upload (send, post, share) unlimited JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP image files up to 10 MB (megabytes) (10.485.760 bytes) per file.

* Upload PDF, OFFICE (WORD, EXCEL, POWER POINT, etc.) and PLAIN TEXT documents.

* Upload and auto-convert to JPG images the whole pages of your PDF, OFFICE (WORD, EXCEL, POWER POINT, etc.) and PLAIN TEXT documents.

* Apply tens of graphic effects or resize/crop/convert/optimize operations to your images.

* Take online notes and save it onto the web.

* Automatically get the special QR CODE for each of your image, document or album.

* Delete the image or document you uploaded, immediately or later.

* Get full text url address links of your uploaded files. Hyperlinked thumbnail lists are also available.

* Make four different types of online photo album with your images and even with your documents. The photo albums are compatible with mobile phones and especially with Apple iPhones, iPads and Samsung devices.

* Send your uploaded images as special e-cards to your friends.

* Order special print gift orders with your images via Zazzle company easily.

* Send remove/deletion request for your private files in case of you can not delete them because of any system failure or problem.

* Your files will be automatically deleted from the internet after 30 days.

* Please see our Terms of Use from this link: http://www.UploadEdit.com/_mterms.htm

* For going to image upload page tap on the “UPLOAD PHOTOS” button you see on the menu of this screen.


* Some improvements and updates on app interface.
* Some minor stability improvements and updates.
* (NOTE:) Dear old version users, after doing this update if the home screen of the app waits and does not load anything for a long time please uninstall the old version completely from your device and then re-install this new version.
* Thanks for your continued support. We hope our app will be better in time.

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